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Vision & Mission

UPL is focused on emerging as a premier global provider of total crop solutions designed to secure the world’s long-term food supply.


To be a world class organisation by enhancing value to our customers and other stakeholders, by caring for our employees to work as a motivated team in an open and learning environment, by setting newer standards of performance and by focusing on Total Quality Control, Innovation and Responsive Care towards the Environment.


Manufacturing and supplying crop protection and specialty chemicals worldwide, by providing solutions to optimise farm productivity for the farmer through innovative and cost-effective products, to provide the customer with better value for money.

Doing Things Better

is core to our DNA

Three simple words, which lie at the heart of the UPL philosophy. "Doing Things Better" is all about raising the bar in global agricultural productivity. It represents an ethos statement and exemplifies UPL way of living and creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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  • Drive_business Drive our business beyond conventional frontiers

    Product_innovation Accelerated product innovation aligned to compliance priorities

  • Enhance_Mfg Enhance manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies

    Human-capital Enrich our human capital

  • Marketing_reach Deepening our marketing reach

    Property_bank Create a rich intellectual property bank

Core Values

Change the game

  • Challenge status-quo and current ways of working

  • Anticipate the future and be adaptive to change

  • New thinking to develop innovative solutions for customers

  • Lowest cost manufacturing/efficiency across the globe

Core Values

Passion for excellence

  • Setting and expecting high standards in everything people do

  • Striving for the best product quality, challenging the benchmarks

  • Maximising productivity through efficient processes

  • Being responsive to customer needs and expectations

Core Values

Nurture the environment

  • Ensuring high standards of compliance and safety

  • Following sustainable environmental practices

Core Values

Energising employees

  • Providing a stimulating environment to help employees learn and grow

  • Promoting teamwork and collaborative working

  • Focusing on competency development and career growth

  • Respecting people and show concern for them

Core Values

UPL passionately drives it’s core values (GENE)

  • GENErate farmers’ income

  • GENErate profitable growth

  • GENErate growth opportunities for employees

Environmental Policy

As a company we place great emphasis on contributing to a sustainable society. Care is taken to ensure that raw materials and energy are used efficiently across the production process.

We recognise that our processes may have an impact on the environment and as a result we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance to minimise this.

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As part of our responsibility we are involved at the farmer level in encouraging sustainable agriculture.

  • Amongst others, we are proactive members of LEAF (Linking Environmental and Farming) in the UK. This charitable organisation works to develop and promote Integrated Farm Management (IFM) – common sense farming practices that are environmentally responsible.

  • We also support the Voluntary Initiative . In 2001 the Government accepted proposals put forward by the farming and crop protection industry to minimise the environmental impacts from pesticides.